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September 14, 2007


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Polymorphism means having many forms. Polymorphism can be seen frequently in the English language. There are many English words, which have a different meaning depending on the context of use. The statements “close a book”, “close the file”, “close the door” and “close the deal” all make use of the verb ‘to close’ but the meaning of each statement depends on the context. Another example is the sentence, “I’ve cracked the exam”. The meaning of cracked in this case is different from the crack used in a sentence like, “The pot cracked”. In both sentences the word is the same but its interpretation varies depending on the context. In the same way you can think of many programming examples. For instance, consider the + operator. When it is used on numbers it will act as an addition operator, adding two numbers mathematically and giving the result. When the + acts on two strings, the result will be the concatenation of the two strings.


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