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May 29, 2008

Good book for JDBC, Servlets and JSP (including JSTL and JSF)

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The JDBC, Servlets, and JSP is a unique book for self learning and getting expertization in Java database and Web technologies such as JDBC, Servlet, JSP, JSTL and JSF. The book promises to be useful not only for self updating the readers but also for the readers who already know the concepts and want to get more in-depth knowledge about these topics.

This book helps you to

Ø     Understand the need of database and web programming in Java

Ø     Understand Web architectures

Ø     Understand the JDBC Type-1 through 4 architectures

Ø     Learn how and when to use the different types of JDBC drivers

Ø     Work with the JDBC API (like Statement’s, ResultSet’s etc)

Ø     Using JDBC to work with SQL 99 database types

Ø     Understand Rowset’s, Transactions, and Connection Pooling

Ø     Understand the concepts of Servlet Container

Ø     Get in-depth coverage on the various Servlet concepts like attributes, Session tracking etc

Ø     Understand advanced Servlet features

Ø     Understand the need to tag based programming and JSP

Ø     Get in-depth coverage on the JSP lifecycle stages and various JSP elements

Ø     Understand EL – Expression Language

Ø     Understand all the JSTL elements

Ø     Understand how to work with internationalization

Ø     Understand Securities in web application

Ø     Understand JSF

Ø      Understand Web design patterns

Ø        Implement a case study using the technologies learnt in this book, where you can learn how to develop a small framework




May 26, 2008

Drag and Drop Feature In Windows .Net Form

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On the browser we can develop a Drag and Drop feature using JavaScript, but what the same Drag and Drop feature can we implement in Windows Form? Yes we can how we will learn now.


Please Follow the Steps below where I am demonstrating this concept using simple Example.


1)      Open visual Studio’s IDE and create a new windows Form using any language which support s by .NET Framework.

2)      On the new for add two listbox controls from toolbox and name it as ListSource and ListTarget.

3)      Now bind the ListSource Listbox to a Datasource (My motive is to fill the Listbox with some data).

4)      In Listsource properties set AllowDrop to True, this will create a new set of events for the control. In the event list of this control doubleClick on Mousedown Event and write this code:




5)      In properties of ListTarget Control Set AllowDrop to True.

6)      In properties of ListTarget Control, go to Event block and double Click on DragEnter Event and write this code:


e.Effect = DragDropEffects.Copy


7)      In properties of ListTarget Control, go to Event block and double Click on DragDrop Event and write this code:




Now Execute or press F5 to see the Out put now select one item in ListSource listbox and drag It to ListTarget listbox  it will add one item in Target list box.


This is a simple example I didn’t explained about what is this DragDropEffect Enumerations, for now  just use as I shown I will explain in my next post.


I hope this post helps U..,

Thank you  J


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