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April 12, 2012

Adding a new record to an IQueryable variable

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Hi All,

Recently working on one of my application using Linq, i need to fill the datagridview with selected rows and columns which i can get from querying a list of objects using Linq. Now for every result i need to add an additional static record to the grid view. for this i need to have this record as a last record for my selected IQueryable variable from LINQ result.  Let me show you through example what i said till now…


var varresult = from r in lstobject select new { COLUMN1 = r.Title, COLUMN2 = r.Price };

DataGridView1.datasource = varresult ;


Now i need to add a new static record (i.e.., new{COLUMN1=”Discount Price”, COLUMN2=10}) to the existing varresult object…

varresult  = varresult.ToList().Union(new[] { new{COLUMN1=”Discount Price”, COLUMN2=10}});

DataGridView1.datasource = varresult ;



thats it Now a last record will be what you want… Please note that the variables and there types should be same as result object had.

Hope this Helps u…


Happy Coding 🙂







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