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October 27, 2007

History Of SilverLight and Importance of it.

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To understand the reason why Microsoft decided to introduce one more internet technology, we should look at history. In the beginning, there was SGML and then, based on it, HTML. HTML was used and is still being used as a great markup language for presenting data. When computers became faster and users needed more interaction with simple pages, a JavaScript (also called ECMAScript) was introduced. Web pages grew bigger and more complex and needed frequent updating, so such technologies as PHP, ASP and ASP.NET were born.

However, while web applications got richer, they needed more effort to support that richness. AJAX is the last approach used to make applications again more beautiful and powerful. Now lots of companies and developers are faced with the troubles that this power brings. It’s hard to maintain large amounts of weakly typed JavaScript code. Not only that, but in every browser type your web application looks different, if it even works there at all. Furthermore, debugging a web application, especially if it is AJAX enabled, can become a real headache (but thanks for ASP.NET, it’s a great pill for this headache).

All of these obstacles prevent companies and developers from creating really big and powerful web applications targeted for any-browser users. So, what will help us with this mess? Yeah, you are right: Silverlight will be our saver :).


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